Reentry Services

St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services is a collection of programs centered around assisting in a successful transition from incarceration back into society for returning citizens.

Boise - Ada County

3217 W Overland Rd. Boise, ID 83705

Mon-Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

(208) 370-2030


Caldwell - Canyon County

3110 Cleveland Blvd. Caldwell, ID 83605 (inside District III Probation and Parole)

Vary – please call ahead

(208) 370-2030


Pickup Service

When men and women are released from the prisons south of
Boise, sometimes they do not have any means of transportation. We will drive
out to the prison and be there to greet these individuals as soon as they exit
the facility. We are the very first people they interact with out of the
prison. From there, we will bring them to the reentry services office, where we
will provide first day out services.

First Day Out Services

Having a successful reentry into society starts with day one. Connecting with the right resources and community is crucial. When someone enters the reentry services office they will be connected with a reentry services expert. This reentry expert will work to understand the returning citizen’s story and individual needs. This way, they can tailor the First Day Out services to better match their unique situation. The most common services we provide are Clothing Vouchers, Information on Other Community Resources, Parole Guidance, Links to Receptive Groups and Communities, Introduction to Employment Services, and much more.

Employment Services

One of the biggest challenges for returning citizens is finding sustainable employment. The recidivism rate skyrockets when returning citizens cannot find employment fairly rapidly.

We can help you find a job, start a career or help you continue your education.

St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services can provide the following possible assistance:

  • Initial interview/assessment
  • Resume help
  • Transportation/clothing assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Apprenticeships
  • Job search assistance
  • Direct job referrals
  • Follow up

Reentry employment classes are also available inside select prisons prior to release. However, individuals are not required to participate in a reentry employment class while incarcerated or be picked up by our team to receive employment assistance. Employment services are available to all returning citizens.

Contact 208-296-6271 today for an appointment if you or someone you know is struggling to find work. There are resources to find help!

Recovery Continued (ReCon) Services

This program is a partnership between St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho and the Idaho department of Health and Welfare and Recovery Idaho. We offer a progressive approach to support individuals who are working on their recovery from opioids, methamphetamine use and abuse of alcohol.

It is unique in that it utilizes a recovery coach to walk the steps of an individual for a six-month process. The design is to supplement a person’s ongoing after care (if-applicable) and work with any existing treatment plans.

The recovery coach component can enhance chances for long term success by working on the day to day needs of someone transitioning into long term sobriety in the areas of support meeting demands of housing, emergency needs to sustain employment, connections to sober community situations, and roadblocks that develop.

Kimberly Crow
Recovery Coach

[email protected]