Kevin's Story

“I’ve been an addict for 30 years. Ever since I can remember, I use drugs and alcohol to run away and hide from dealing with my feelings and emotions. Even though I come from a family that was mostly together. My father left last 14 just one day he was gone. At this time my mother broke down and abandoned me emotionally. And this point on drugs ruined my life, because I have nobody that cared enough to show me a better way in and out of prison and jail’s and institutions. It wasn’t until I met Mike Perry from the St. Vincent Depaul reentry program. did I really have anybody that I could connect with that I felt comfortable enough to share my story and to open up enough to get the help that I needed. The re-entry mentor , Mike, treated me with respect and care from the moment he met me. He asked me how he could help me and what I need it most was for just someone to listen to me ,that he did. Not only that the rides to my appointments and to get the things I needed to get on my feet were an immediate weight, lifted off my back that I did not know it was going to be there.
I now attend meetings regularly every day sometimes twice a day. I attend outpatient treatment for two hours a day Monday through Friday. I journal. and I found out that I have an ability to draw, which fills my time, and distracts me when I have cravings. I make sure that I meet my commitments or utilize my probation officer as my friend and advocate. Most of all I keep an open mind and a positive mindset. I ask for help instead of running away from my problems. Now I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, my higher power, and I work the steps with a sponsor. I will be attending college to obtain my bachelors degree and hopefully one day become a substance-abuse counselor and or youth pastor, because I love children and would like to combat this epidemic of drugs, especially fentanyl that is going on in our country and community today the reentry program has been monumental and has been a substantial support system that has allowed me to build this new life that I am truly indebted for and appreciative of. Thank you St. Vincent de Paul thank you Mike Perry and thank you father God.”