Reentry Career Development

re·cid·i·vism /rəˈsidəˌviz(ə)m/noun

Simply put, St. Vincent de Paul’s mission is to support and assist those in need to prevent homelessness.

Formerly incarcerated people need stable jobs for the same reasons as everyone else: to support themselves and their loved ones, pursue life goals, and strengthen their communities. Creating career opportunities for those reentering society reduces the risk of homelessness while reducing recidivism.

Reentry Employment Services

Pre-Release Courses

The St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho Reentry Career Development Team provide Career Development Courses to residents at SW Idaho Correctional Facilities. During the course, residents are given an overview of skills vital to gaining meaningful employment.

These courses are available to residents monthly.

South Idaho Correctional Institute


South Boise Women’s


Yes! SVdP has entered into an unprecedented Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Idaho Department of Correction. This MOU permits SVdP Reentry Services access to teach residents monthly career development courses within the prison before release.

Pre-Release Courses are available at the following IDOC Facilities:

  • South Idaho Correctional Institute
  • ISCI
  • South Boise Women’s
  • ISCC
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing with confidence
  • How to discuss criminal background
  • How to complete an application
  • Sharing of additional SVdP Resources
Pre-Release Consult

Prior to release, residents can request to schedule a Pre-Release Consultation. During the individual’s appointment, the Reentry Employment Team will assist with a personal approach, answering specific questions, setting goals and timelines, etc.

Preparation for release is vital to the success of the individual. Our team will assess your previous professional experience, apprenticeships, and help the individual create a realistic timeline for life after incarceration.

Our Reentry Employment team will conduct the consultation within the SW Idaho Facility of the resident. 

Our Reentry Services team knows the importance of fulfilling all requirements of Probation & Parole. Come by the one of the SVdP Reentry Offices, we will help you.

Career Search

First, our team will go over the qualifications and skills of the individual.

Next, we discuss any previous employment or experience to help focus the area of profession.

Once the individual is prepared to apply and go through the interview process, we discuss any hesitancies and how to address criminal history.

We can help you find a job, start a career or help you continue your education.

St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services can provide the following possible assistance:

  • Initial interview/assessment
  • Resume help
  • Transportation/clothing assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Apprenticeships
  • Job search assistance
  • Follow up

Yes! While incarcerated, many individuals participate in apprenticeship programs; however, it is unlikely to achieve certification upon release due to the requirements and on-the-job training, leaving these skilled individuals uncertified and without employment. The Federal Department of Labor has named SVdP a Registered Apprenticeship Group Sponsor to facilitate the completion of registered apprenticeships for those currently and formerly incarcerated, allowing these citizens to obtain certification and gain meaningful employment.

Yes! We can assist in finding resources to continue the education needed to obtain meaningful employment.
Meaningful Employment

A good job and supportive services are not only critical to successful reentry for formerly incarcerated persons, but also to promoting public safety and improving economic well-being within our community.

According to a 2018 study, formerly incarcerated persons have a 27 percent unemployment rate, exponentially higher than the overall United States unemployment rate. Not only does high unemployment impede successful reentry, it also increases the chances of recidivism.

According to an MIT Study, a living wage in Idaho for a single person $16.16/hour! 

We encourage employers interested in this program to email Tim Leigh, Career Development Manager at [email protected]

Long-term and meaningful employment help reduce the risk of recidivism while facilitating rehabilitation and successful reentry. 

Reentry Services Employment Team

Tim Leigh

Reentry Career Development Manager

The unique certifications, expertise, and network of Tim Leigh, Career Development Program Manager, have accelerated the timeline of the Employment Program. Tim brings over 40 years of progressive human resource management experience in supervision, management, staffing, training, and employee relations and over 20 years of experience in reentry programming to prison residents and returning citizens to this program. Through the National Institute of Corrections, Tim is nationally certified as an Offender Workforce Development Specialist Training and Offender Employment Retention Specialist Training. Tim’s previous employment background includes over ten years as a Project Manager for the Idaho Department of Labor, where he initiated a prison reentry program, and over four years providing reentry services to prison residents and returning citizens at the Idaho Department of Correction. Through this network, SVdP has partnered with State of Idaho Government entities in an unparalleled manner.

Stacey Tucker

Reentry Career Development Specialist

Stacey Tucker, Reentry Career Development Specialist, is currently studying Criminology at Idaho State University. Stacey has over 25 years of experience working with vulnerable populations, primarily providing basic needs.

“Aloha! My personal journey involving the impact of trauma and incarceration have led me to directing my care and energy towards empowering returning citizens through successful goal setting and employment.”

– Stacey

Maddie Broome

Reentry Career Development Specialist

Maddie Broome, Reentry Career Development Specialist, began work with St. Vincent de Paul through a Reentry Services internship during her post-secondary education at Boise State University. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, Maddie accepted the Reentry Career Development Specialist role.

“I strive to spread kindness wherever I can, and St Vincent de Paul is the perfect place to serve my community. We have so many wonderful resources available to you, and we want you to utilize them! Please do not hesitate to reach out for any job search assistance you may need.”

– Maddie 

Reentry Services Employer Inquiry

Returning citizens, individuals who have been incarcerated and are re-entering society, can bring valuable skills, motivation, and a strong work ethic to the workplace. They may have acquired skills and participated in training programs while incarcerated, making them skilled workers. By giving them a second chance through employment, employers can build loyalty and dedication among their workforce. Hiring returning citizens can also promote social responsibility by supporting the rehabilitation and reintegration of these individuals into society.

Please complete this form and the St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Career Development Program will reach out to you!

For all other inquiries, please email [email protected]