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Idaho Press covered the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Toy Store, read here.

Idaho news 6 (KIVITV) interviewed Executive Director, Ralph May, about food insecurity and inflation, and what it means for the Overland Food Pantry. Watch here.

The Idaho Statesman shared a piece about St. Vincent de Paul’s Thanksgiving Food Box Program, read here.

KTVB joined as St. Vincent de Paul hosts mobile food pantry at new Boise Office here.

KTVB’s Kim Fields visited St. Vincent de Paul’s mobile food pantry here.

Idaho news 6 (KIVITV) visited St. Vincent de Paul’s mobile food pantry at the Boise Hive. Learn more here.

KTVB’s Chase Biefeldt highlighted St. Vincent de Paul’s special food distribution for Musicians by partnering with the Boise Hive. Check out this wonderful piece here.

The Idaho Statesman put together a beautiful video detailing the food for Restaurant and Bar Workers. This video is a great way to learn about this wonderful distribution.

KTVB also visited our December 23rd food distribution for Restaurant and Bar workers – supporting those who serve our community. That video can be viewed here.


The press team at Idaho News Channel 2 visited our downtown Boise mobile food pantry for restaurant workers and covered how its making a difference for those in need. View that video here.

The Idaho press highlighted several area nonprofits making a difference during the holidays and COVID-19. See more here.

KTVB’s special 208 segment featured our Thanksgiving Food Box Program. Learn more here.

The annual Thanksgiving Food Box program began serving neighbors in need on Monday Nov. 23. KTVB was there to document the moment. Watch here.

Kaitlyn McLeod, our Boise State University Work U nutrition intern has a passion for helping those most vulnerable in our communities. Check out this article on her work here.

City Go Presents the 5th annual Cranksgiving, supporting St. Vincent de Paul. Check out this article with more details.


In this article, KTVB profiled the Hubble Homes Hero House and detailed the charities that would benefit from the home’s sale. St. Vincent de Paul was featured.

The Catholic News Agency profiled Ralph May, our Executive Director. This article covered Ralph’s background as well as his role today with St. Vincent de Paul. Check that out here.


Greenbelt Magazine, a Boise publication, covered Dr. Julie Compton and her new book. Julie is a HR specialist and Executive Leadership coach for St. Vincent de Paul. Check out that profile here.

Our Mobile Pantry has been reaching out into pockets of poverty and limited mobility. Jacob Scholl with the Idaho Statesman covered this new project in this article.

KIVI’s Madeline White was there to pull the winning ticket for our annual Summerfest raffle and auction. Madeline white also talked about what St. Vincent de Paul does for the community and how we are adapting during COVID-19 Check it out here.

Covid-19 – In this article from KTVB our first Community food distribution was covered and highlighted. Watch the video to learn more!

The Idaho Statesman Covered our event with Guild Mortgage & Idaho Pizza Company where we handed out free pizzas! That article is here

Covid-19 – The Old Idaho Penn food drive was also highlighted by KTVB. Check it out here.

Covid-19 – The Idaho press also covered the food drive at the Old Idaho Penn. Check it out here.

Covid-19 – KIVI’s Katie Kloppenburg covered the unique and exciting food drive opportunity between St. Vincent de Paul and the Idaho State Historical Society. This allowed folks to drive into the Old Idaho Penn. Check it out here.

Covid-19 – John Sowell of the Idaho Statesman was there to cover the influx of donations that we experienced when we re-opened our thift Stores. Check it out here.

In this article from KIVI – Idaho News 6, the team covers how St. Vincent de Paul food pantries work and how far we extend all through the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Covid-19 -Chris Schlak with Campus Reform also covered Boise State football’s “Fill the Truck Campaign” at our food pantry. Check it out here.

Covid-19 -Local Newspaper – the Idaho Statesman, covered how Boise State Football Players helped “fill the truck” and bring in donations when things were tight at the food pantry.. Check it out here.

Covid-19 -CBS-2 Picked up the heartwarming story of Whitney United Methodist coming together to collect food and monetary donations for St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho. Check it out here.

Covid-19 -The Idaho Air National Guard was helping make a difference at our food pantry for several weeks. The articles picked up the story and you can read about it from their perspective here here.

Covid-19 -John Sowell, the Idaho Stateman’s highly respected business writer wrote a front page story about how our thrift stores having to close is a “triple whammy” for the community. This is a must read! You can find it here here.

Covid-19 -Kim Fields with KTVB was there to document the lines of cars at our food pantry. As the month goes on, demand has continued to rise with the growing severity of the pandemic. Watch that news story here.

Covid-19 – National news organization Vice News included St. Vincent de Paul’s efforts in Boise in an article on the Tsunami of need stemming from the COVID-19 crisis. Boise is listed amongst New York and other major metro areas. Check that out here.

Covid-19 – “This is Unprecedented” KTVB visited us to see about the dramatic upswing in demand at our food pantry and how we had gone to a no touch system. Watch that here.

Covid-19 – As March went on, the demand continued to rise at our food pantry on Overland Road. The Idaho Press Tribune was there to document the strain. Read all about it here.

Covid-19 – “This is Unprecedented” KTVB visited us to see about the dramatic upswing in demand at our food pantry and how we had gone to a no touch system. Watch that here.

Covid-19 – KTVB included St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho as a resource to the community in the fight against Coronavirus. Check that out here.

Covid-19 – KIVI 6’s Madeline White came to visit our brand new drive through food pantry setup aiming to serve the community and do our part to flatten the curve. Watch that here.

Madeline White with Idaho’s 6 on your Side visited our food pantry to learn about some of the new changes we are making to promote proper nutrition for our clients. Watch the story here.

Rachel Spacek with the Idaho Press covered how many of our food pantry clients are the working poor. Over 40% also utilize SNAP. However, a new change to the SNAP program could mean as many as 100 Idahoans could loose their assistance. Read the article here.

We partner with our friends at to provide a Christmas experience for several families experiencing homelessness. Check out this heartwarming story from KTVB here here.

KIVI’s Anna Silver revisited our coverage of Cyann and her boy’s journey. Building on our story, this news piece focused on how this would be Cyann’s first Christmas with her boys. Watch here.

KIVI’s Madeline White took the time to cover how our Christmas Toy Store helps families in need make Christmas possible. Watch the heartwarming story here.

Local news agency KTVB came out to the Kickoff event for the 2019 Christmas Toy Store. Their article, here, detailed our needs for the program and how we aim to help thousands of kids celebrate Christmas.

Yahoo! News picked up the KIVI piece about how we work to proactively prevent homelessness and shared it nationwide. Watch it on here.

St. Vincent de Paul was recognized on the internationally acclaimed Monsters and Critics entertainment reporting site in light of a facinating article on the life of Richard Cabral. Check it out here.

Madeline White with KIVI 6 On Your Side detailed the unique way St. Vincent de Paul is proactive in the way we prevent hommelessness. You can watch this great news story here.

Mark Renick, the Director of Reentry Services was awarded the Civic Service of the Year Award at the Treasure Valley Spotlight Awards! More info on the awards banquet can be found here.

KIVI – 6 on Your Side detailed the Reentry Resource Fair at Vineyard Church and detailed the key role St. Vincent de Paul has in the reentry communtity. Check out that article here.

Idaho Press rode along with Mark Renick to learn more about St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services. If you would like to learn more about what we offer and the people we serve this is a fantastic article to read.

KTVB came out to our grand opening open house for St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services and learned about our new efforts and collaborations to better serve returning citizens as they reenter their communities. That story is here.

Tuesday, February 26th another national news source, Quartz, wrote a story about the issues surrounding the SNAP Gap resulting from the federal shutdown at the beginning of the year. St. Vincent de Paul and the Boise Weekly were quoted in the article. Read here.

National news site Inquisitr spread KTVB’s story to their readership of over 40 million the next day. St. Vincent de Paul was the featured organization in this story. Read our fist national press ever here.

KTVB visited our Overland food pantry and detailed the issues of the SNAP Gap. Shira Matsuzawa interviewed both St. Vincent de Paul leadership and clients facing confusion and food insecurity as a result of the gap. Watch/read the story here.

Boise Weekly wrote an article detailing the SNAP Gap and how we are responding to combat it. You can read that article here

The new online magazine The Idaho Gazette did a feature of our partners, the Boise Green Bike. A big part of that was our annual partnership, Cranksgiving. Check that article out here.

1/23/19 has a radio show called Stories from the Street. Our executive director, Ralph May appeared on this program. Listen here.

1/21/19 During our Special MLK dinner, in partnership with and The Boise Philharmonic, KIVI 6 on your side was there to document it. You can watch their story here.

This was the night of our special Martin Luther King Jr. Dinner where we invited the community also but extended a special invitation to federal workers feeling strained by the shutdown. KTVB’s Morgan Boydston was there to cover it all in a great story. Watch that here.

Boise State Public Radio detailed a piece about how, the Boise Philharmonic, and St. Vincent de Paul are coming together to provide a special meal for everyone in need of a warm nutritious meal on MLK day and extend a special invitation to those impacted by the federal shutdown. Click here to read/listen to piece.

Have you met Ralph May, our Executive Director? He’s an incredible individual that leads St. Vincent de Paul with character and vision. If you want to learn more about his background, read this fabulous article in the Idaho Business Review! We were honored by this whole page article that details his roots and journey through jungle dairy farming to leading Idaho’s largest homelessness prevention agency. Click here to read article.

Around the new year a Netflix show began rapidly gaining popularity. It was Marie Kondo’s tidying up. With all this cleaning up happening, we saw a clear upswing in donations. KTVB documented that with a great story on their 10:00 news. You can watch that story yourself by clicking here.

As the government shutdown hit its third week and the first paychecks did not arrive, requests for assistance began to rise. We reached out to KTVB to spread the word that St. Vincent de Paul is standing in solidarity with federal workers and we will fight to the end to support them. Watch that story here.

The Idaho Press Tribune put together a fantastic investigative journalism piece detailing the USDA food desert that exists in the area near our Orchard food pantry. Idaho Press shows not just how there is need in this community but also how St. Vincent de Paul and the Boise Bench Suppers Program are coming together to address the need. Read the article here.

As our Annual Christmas Toy Store Program, which serves thousands of children in need each year, was getting started this year we were facing a shortage of toys. KTVB created a news story about the Christmas Toy Store and encouraged contributions. To view news story, click here.

The Idaho Statesman also answered our call for gifts amidst our shorage as we began the Christmas toy store. Read that article here.

During our annual Thanksgiving Food Box Program, we were honored to have KTVB join us at the fairgrounds and put together a great news story encompassing how the Food Box Program works and the impact it makes on the community. To watch news video click here.

The Idaho Statesman Covers the Harvest Dinner. This was a special dinner we hosted at our dining hall in partnership with and and The Boise Philharmonic Orchestra. Read article here.